Trade Show Swag Ideas

Trade Show Swag Ideas

Giveaways have been become synonymous with trade shows and can help elevate your brand and messaging if done properly. Free swag makes people happy, increases traffic to your booth, helps remember your brand, and can generate leads. Trade show traffic is highly competitive and offering great promotional products can set you apart and make a lasting impression.

What Do You Giveaway at a Trade Show?

The ideas are endless when it comes to giving away swag at a trade show. Some things to keep in mind when choosing the right promo products are budget, how many you need, what complements your brand, who your target audience is, and your goals. Once you have those figured out, you can start shopping for your perfect swag. Some of the most popular trade show giveaways are as follows:

Unique Trade Show Giveaways

If you are looking for unique trade show giveaways consider the following:

Trade Show Giveaways Under $1

We can always help you find trade show giveaways under $1. Here are some of our top pics:


How Much Swag Should I Order For a Trade Show?

You should order enough to have something for everyone who visits your booth. You can reach out to the trade show organizers and ask their projected number of attendees to get a better idea on how much you should order. Generally speaking between 100 and 5000 items is what you should count on depending upon the size and scale of the tradeshow.

Interesting Stats About Trade Shows

Here are some interesting stats about trade shows to keep in mind:

92% of trade show attendees say they are looking for new products. (Source: Lincoln West)

67% of all attendees represent a new prospect and potential customer for exhibiting companies. (Source: Lincoln West)

52% of attendees are more likely to enter a booth if giveaways or freebies are offered. (Source:  Princeton Marketing)

30% of attendees will wear or use the swag they take home. (Source: Event Marketer)

67% of all attendees represent a new prospect and potential customer for exhibiting companies. (Source: Excalibur Exhibits)

64% of attendees are not current customers of the businesses on display at a trade show. (Source: Display Wizard)

82% of attendees have buying authority. (Source:

46% of trade show attendees are in executive or upper management roles. (Source: Lincoln West)

14% of Fortune 500 companies reported that their trade show exhibition generated a 5:1 ROI, meaning they made about $5 for every $1 spent (Source: Statista)

59% of exhibitors say personable sales reps are the best booth staffers. (Source: iCapture)

34% of exhibitors believe giveaways are the most effective method for attracting visitors to their booth or display. (Source: Display Wizard)

The top three goals for exhibitors at trade shows are brand awareness, lead generation and relationship building. (Source: Lincoln West)


We hope you find these trade show swag ideas helpful as you plan your own trade show exhibitions. Our Solution Specialists are ready to assist you in all of your planning needs at

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