Case Studies

We are always exploring new ways to help our customers increases their brand awareness and fill specific needs. Our solutions are creative, impactful and spread across multiple marketing platforms. We simply don't sell a product..but an experience. Here are a few case studies where we collaborated closely with the client to deliver the best solution.

eCommerce Solution for Nationwide Affiliates

A nationwide "Walk With Me" fundraising event attracted participation by many corporate and non-corporate teams. Custom race shirts would help the participants promote their unique team while still having the required artwork for the event. Each location had to have different sponsors on the back of its T-shirts as well.

Our solution was to create an online ordering site that would streamline the task and act as a single ordering source nationwide. We lowered costs and made it easier for the affiliates to order their goods. Need an online e-commerce solution? Call our expert staff for more information - 855-562-0777.

Exclusive Wonka Bar Promo for Gaming Industry

Our casino client sought a one-month promotion that would live up to the success they had experienced with previous events we had helped on. In this case, we played on a familiar theme. A Golden Ticket promotion enabled the casino to leverage free buffets, slot play and table play into increased traffic. We were able to customize the order to accommodate 20 different prizes with varying ticket quantities based on how many winners the casino wanted for each prize.

This concept was a hit from the very beginning - so much so, our customer reordered triple the original order on the second day of this 30-day promotion.

Case Study - Etched Wine Bottles for Client Event

A fortune 500 client needed 100 upscale gifts to give at a dinner for their top clients at an event in The Hamptons. Our client was sponsoring the $250,000.00 grand prize in the Hampton Classic Horse Show. Their promotional budget was $100.00 per gift.

Anyone could pick a nice, pricey item from a catalog. We prefer to give our clients more than they imagined. We presented the idea of custom etched wine bottles incorporating the client�s logo, the sponsorship, and the event�s logo. Our artist designed the bottle to include a rider and horse. The client purchased the wine from a high end winery in The Hamptons. This promotion lived up to the pageantry of the event, and left a long lasting keepsake in the hands of some very important people.

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