We are often asked how the name Blue Sky Marketing came about.  Legend has it, it was a glistening spring day in 1997, at Northbrook Court to be specific, spent mostly with Todd (son) and Elliott Zirlin (dad) racking their brains to come up with their new company name.  As discouragement set in, they departed the mall, along with Nancy (mom) at their side.  The sun was so bright that day, bright blue skies, with a spattering of clouds for relief.  As mom’s always try to make things right, she simply looked up, and that’s how Blue Sky Marketing was formed. 


Blue Sky Marketing is family owned and operated, with an emphasis on building strong long lasting relationships.  Service, responsiveness, creativity, fair pricing, and accountability are our core values.


“You can’t retire off one order…” exemplifies the attitude of our team, top to bottom.  Exceeding client expectations, one order at a time is what has built Blue Sky Marketing into the top 1% within our industry. 


Over the past 24 years, from fax machines to drones, Blue Sky Marketing has led the industry in product innovation and services, while our family values drive us into the future.