What is a Redemption Site?


These single-page stores contain no payment, shipping, or sales tax creating an effortless checkout experience. Simply enter a code to access and redeem your products.


What Programs are Best for this Service?


  • Holiday Gift Giving
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Client Thank You Gifts
  • Team Building



YES! We can ship directly to home addresses.

Online redemption site
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What is a Redemption Code?


When the shopper arrives at the storefront, they’ll be asked for their code before they can enter the store. The code will automatically let them know which products they’re allowed to see and choose. Once they make their product selection, they’ll use the code as payment to redeem for the product.

No Payments, Shipping, or Sales Tax!


The shopper’s unique code is their payment! They won’t be asked to fill out payment information nor will they be charged for shipping or sales tax.

no payments or taxes

Where are Products Stored and Who Prepares Orders?


Our full service solution includes the option to warehouse and fulfill your inventory. No project or request is too complex. Let one of our logistics specialist contact you will more information.

How Are Codes Distributed?


No number of codes is too small or too big. We will help you send unique codes to each person on your email list automatically. The personalized emails give an extra touch of gratitude to those receiving a gift.

email integration