Kit Contains: Wine Tote, Wine Glass, two Zino for Vinos, Bend & Snap, a set of Dripsy coasters, and a matching message card all packaged in a soft-touch magnetic closure box

Sweater Weather Kit

Kit includes: Pint Glass, Shot Glass, Stacia, four Zinos, a Dripsy set (4), and a matching message card all packaged in a small Even Cooler Bag

Happy Hour Kit

Kit Contains: Metallic Large Canoe, Metallic Little Buddy with a Metallic Pocket, Metallic Card Guardian, Metallic Mug, 3 Silver Jotter Pens packaged in a soft-touch gift box with magnetic closure

Silver Lining Kit

Kit Contains: Ripstop Knapsack, Eye Mask, Penny Key Ring, Campfire Mug, Notebook, Jotter Pen packaged in a soft-touch gift box with magnetic closure

Glamping Kit


Kit Contains: The Konery Ice Cream Cones; Sugar & Spun Birthday Cake Cotton Candy; Wondermade Birthday Cake Marshmallows; Byrd’s Cookie Company Cupcake Rice Crispy Treat; 3-pack of celebration pins

Poppy Handcrafted Poppy Mix Popcorn; Byrd’s Cookie Company Classic Rice Crispy Treat; Giddy Up Nuts Coffee Chocolate Almonds; Martin’s Handmade Original Pretzels; Libretto Journal

Kit Contains: Grey Ghost Bakery Chocolate Bourbon Cookies; Jacobsen Salt Co. Salty Caramels; Herb & Lou’s Old Fashioned Infused Ice Cubes; customized Luxe Flask

Kit Contains: Grey Ghost Chocolate Chip Cookies; Legally Addictive Surprise Party; Byrd’s Chocolate Chip Cookies; Grey Ghost Bakery Lemon Sugar Cookies; and Persephone Bakery Wild West Animal Grahams

Kit Contains: Jolly Ranchers; Mini Wafers; Chocolate Bars; Roasted & Salted Almonds Bags; Fig Bars; & Trail Mix

Hero Recharge Snack Kit

Kit contains: Sourdough Honey Mustard Pretzels; Lemon Cookies; Peanut Crunch; Smoked Almonds; and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Seed Bar

You’re Appreciated

Kit Contains: Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn Poppy Mix Popcorn; Legally Addictive Surprise Party; and Byrd’s Cookie Company Cupcake Rice Crispy Treat

Hopscotch Box

Kit Contains: Twizzler, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar, Mini Swedish Fish, M&M’s, Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, Starbursts, Gummi Bears, Sno Caps, & Dots

Sugar Rush

Snyder’s Pretzels, Go Lite Popcorn, Ruffles, Kars Trail Mix, Kars Almonds, Nature’s Valley Bar, kettle corn chips, sea salt chips, Kind bar, CheezIts, Pirate’s Booty), & Welch’s Fruit Snacks

Nurse Appreciation

Kit includes: Dylan’s Candy Bar® Rainbow Pretzel Perfection, Cracked Pepper Kettle Potato Chips, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cakebites, Trail Mix, Sea Salt Pistachios, Popcorn, & House Blend Coffee

Grab N Go Box

Kit includes: Butter Popcorn, Cheese Popcorn, & Caramel Popcorn

3 Way Classic Popcorn


Kit Contains: Big Spoon Roasters Honey & Sea Salt Peanut Butter; Oswald Co. Raspberry Chia Smash Jam; Insulated Retro Kraft Luncher; and Slim Marble Silicone Spatula

Sweet & Smooth Box

Kit Contains: Big Heart Tea Co. Cup of Sunshine Tea; Grey Ghost Bakery Lemon Sugar Cookies; Savannah Bee Company Raw Acacia Honey Straws; speckled enamel mug (preprinted with “Tea Time”)

Tea Time Box

Kit includes: Computer Day Pack, Boom Bluetooth Earbuds, Wireless Galactic Wireless Mouse, & Thor Copper Vacuum Insulated Tumbler 22oz

Work From Home Kit

Kit Contains: Essos True Wireless Auto Pair Earbuds; Nebula Wireless Charging Pad; Camera Blocker; and Thule Subterra PowerShuttle

Premium Tech Kit

Kit Contains: Ghirardelli® Hot Chocolate Mix Packets, Bags of Crushed Peppermint, Bags of Mini Marshmallows, Stirrers, & Hot Cups

Hot Cocoa Kit

Kit Contains: Snyder’s Pretzels, Go Lite Popcorn, Ruffles Chips, Kars Trail Mix, Kars Almonds, Nature’s Valley Granola Bar, Kellogg’s Red Berries Snack Bar, Welch’s Fruit Snacks

Snack & Learn

Kit includes: Starbucks Via Instant Iced Coffee, Starbucks Via Instant Hot Coffee, box of Breakfast O’s Cereal, bag of Little Bites Blueberry Muffins, English Breakfast Tea Bag, & Blueberry Kind Breakfast Bar

Breakfast Box

Kit Contains: Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate Mix, Starbucks House Blend Coffee, English Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Vanilla Almond Biscotti, Linden Chocolate Chip Cookies, Walkers Shortbread Cookie, Hot Cups, & Stirrers

Perk Up Box


Kit includes: Big League Chew Bubble Gum, Salted Peanuts, Cracker Jack, Sunflower Seeds, & Gummy Hamburgers and Hot Dogs.

Baseball in a Box

Kit includes: Graham crackers, marshmallows, & Hershey’s chocolate

Campfire Kit

Kit includes: 13-piece BBQ set includes everything needed to be king or queen of the backyard grill – spatula, tongs, knife, fork, four skewers, and four corn holders, all in an aluminum accented case.

Grill Master Set

Kit includes: 7-piece set includes a wine opener, 2 stainless steel knives & forks with polished wood handles, a polished wood cutting board, zippered canvas wrap and canvas tote that holds three bottles of wine.

Modesto Picnic Carrier

Kit includes: 2 BBQ essentials: a spatula and tongs which are conveniently stored in the front compartment of the bag.

BBQ Set w/Cooler

Kit includes: 2 sets of plastic forks, spoons, knives, 8 oz. cups, plates and a corkscrew bottle opener

Southport Insulated Kit

Kit includes: Clear Drawstring Backpack, Waterproof Pouch With Neck Cord, Kan-Tastic, Sunstick, & Rubberized Sunglasses.

Fun in the Sun


Kit Contains: Fancy Sprinkles Hopscotch Sprinkles; The Konery Ice Cream Cones; Coop’s MicroCreamery Hot Fudge Sauce; Coop’s Salted Caramel Sauce; and ice cream scoop

Scoops & Sprinkles

Kit contains: Non-GMO Project Verified Kernels; 5 Popcorn Seasonings; W&P Popcorn Popper

Movie Night Gourmet Kit

Kit Contains: English Butter Toffee; Cocoa Dusted Truffles; Chocolate Covered Almonds; Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels; Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Corn; and Jumbo Pretzels dipped in Chocolate – White, Milk and Dark

Tower of Sweets

Made with the finest ingredients available including farm-fresh eggs, pure bourbon vanilla, sour cream, & crunchy walnuts, with a cinnamon streusel added to the center & the top of the cake.

Cinnamon Coffee Cake


Kit Contains: Sugar & Spun Cotton Candy; Poppy Handcrafted Salted Caramel Popcorn; Legally Addictive Surprise Party; and “LIFE IS SWEET” rainbow metallic drink coolies

Sugar Rush Box

Kit contains: Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn Everything Bagel Popcorn; Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn Parmesan Black Pepper Popcorn; and Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn Salted Caramel Popcorn.

Movie Night Kit

Kit contains: Almond Toffee, Truffles, Milk Chocolate Truffles, Sea Salt Caramels, Sandwich Cookie, Brownie Cookies, Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies, & Chocolate Chip Cookies

Capture Their Attention

Kit contains: English Butter Toffee; Mild Pepper Cheese; Sausage; Crackers; Stuffed Olives; Chocolate Blueberries & Almonds; Chocolate Chip Cookies; Shortbread; Oreos; Peppermint Patties; and Pretzels

Imperial Feast Basket


Kit Contains: Giddy Up Nuts Brazen Buffalo Wings Almonds; Boardwalk Food Company Beer Cheese Pretzels; and customized Dip Trip Vehicle Sauce Holder

Kit contains: Taco Simmer Sauce; Chipotle Seasoning; and Seasoning Mix

Taco Night

Kit contains: 12-ounce Insulated Steel Cup; S’mores Kit; and Cocoa Packet

Camp & S’mores Gift Set

Kit contains: Grill Master Apron; Chicago Steak & Chop Seasoning; Kansas City Classic Rub; Athenian Herb Dryglaze; Vermont Grill Dryglaze; and Santa Fe Dryglaze

Bodacious BBQ Kit


Kit contains: Soft Pretzel Mix; Mustard and Co.’s Classic Mustard; and a Laser-engraved Wooden Bottle Opener

Twist & Salt Kit

Kit contains: Grey Ghost Chocolate Bourbon Cookies; Giddy Up Nuts Rosemary Garlic Almonds; Martin’s Handmade Original Pretzels; Finley Mill Stashlight; Finley Mill Multitool; and Grabit Bottle Opener

Trailblazer Box

Kit contains: Hayden Flour Mills White Sonora Pancake Mix; Bobo’s Mountain Sugar Amber Maple Syrup; Luxe Oven Mitt; and Marble Silicone Spatula

Rise & Shine Box

Kit contains: Honey Crisp Granola; Pistachio Cherry Cookies; Cinnamon Seed Bar; Dipping Pretzels; Sweet and Tangy Mustard; Caramel Popcorn; Maple Waffle

Igloo® Glacier Gourmet


Kit contains: Classic Tonic Syrup; Grenadine; Aromatic Bitters; and Stainless Steel Jigger.

The Mixologist

Kit contains: W&P Happy Hour Kit and a savory snack

Cocktail For One

Kit contains: 17 oz. Vacuum Sealed Tumbler; Cocktail Gummy Bears; Party Snack Mix; Mango Tini Cocktail Mix; and Berry Tini Cocktail Mix

Happy Hour Cocktail Kit

Kit contains: Jelly Belly® Cocktail Mix;Whiskey Cordials; and Chocolate Martini Almond Olives

Boozy Snacks Mailer

Kit contains: Clear Cocktail Shaker with Margarita Jelly Belly Jelly beans, Jigger, Nacho Cheese Sauce Cup, Mild Salsa Cup, Tortilla Chips, Margarita Rimming Salt Tin, & Recipe Card

Fiesta Margarita Kit

Kit contains: Snyders Pretzels, Planters Mix, Doritos Chips, Chex Mix, Cheddar Cheese, Kars Almonds, Sahale Trail Mix, Gardetto’s Mix, Arnold Palmer Single Drink Mix Packets (just add your favorite spirit).

Happy Hour Snacks

We’ve included everything you need for a quick and satisfying happy hour – minus the brew. Crack open the beverage of your choice with our magnetic bottle opener and kick back with a handful of savory goodness.


Wine Gift Set


Kit contains: Natural Bamboo Glass Bottle and Assorted Snacks

Tahiti Revive Gift Box

Kit contains: Celeste Ceramic Mug; Bees Knees Meyer Lemon Honey; Sugar Cookies; and Organic Tea

Well Being Gift Set

Kit contains: Yoga Mat; Exercise Band in Storage Pouch; Cooling Towel; and Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Zen on the Go

Kit contains: Yoga Mat or Pilates Elastic Bands; Bluetooth® Earbuds; and Spectra Bottle

Home Fitness Kit


You’ll find everything you need to whip up (and decorate!) a full gingerbread family (serves 6); includes pre-measured gourmet ingredients and an easy-to-follow recipe card.

Gingerbread People DIY

You’ll find everything you need to whip up a full stack cookie tree; includes pre-measured gourmet ingredients and an easy-to-follow recipe card.

Sugar Cookie Tree Kit

You’ll find everything you need to whip up a full batch (serves 18); includes pre-measured gourmet ingredients and an easy-to-follow recipe card.

Mint Choc. Cookie Kit

Everything you need to make 28 cookies – add egg from home, and follow the detailed recipe card with step by step instructions

Pinwheel Cookie Kit

Kit includes: Full kits include unassembled house parts, candies/decorations, icing, base and instructions.

Finished Size: 5½” x 6″ x 6½”

Gingerbread House Kit

Tower includes: Chocolate Covered Almonds, Extra Fancy Jumbo Cashews and 4 pieces of our famous English Butter Toffee. After the treats have been enjoyed, he makes a great holiday centerpiece. Serves 6-8.

Rustic Snowman Tower

Kit includes: 11 oz. Full Color Ceramic Mug filled with (1) 3 pack of our Mrs. Fields® Chocolate Chip Cookie Nibblers all packaged in a custom full color box.

Cookies & Cocoa Bomb

Set includes: Ceramic bowl, Black metal stand with a candle holder, and Four Stainless steel fondue forks (with white handles)

Kindle Fondue Set

Set includes: fleece blanket & tumbler

Blanket & Tumbler

Kit includes: Super-soft embroidered fleece blanket, all-natural shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion in a customized color mailer.

Staycation Set

Make the holidays more sustainable with Modern Sprout’s Eco-Friendly Ornament Seed Kits. Available in Spruce, Cosmos, Poinsettia, & Eucalyptus

Seed Ornament

Send a Cheers for all they do with this gift of Lush Spiced Wine Mix.

Spiced Wine Mix

This holiday gift set includes a 100% custom set of coordinating winter wearables. Custom knit beanie, gloves, and scarf in a full color vegan leather pouch.

Winter Wearables Set

Take your own bathroom spa kit with you wherever you with the free included bag containing our bestselling range of purple basil flower & kale products.

Purple Basil Spa Kit

Set includes: 12 oz. hand poured candle and safety matches

Glimmer Set

Kit includes: Soft knitted beanie with debossed leather patch that showcases your company logo, premium socks, and glass tumbler candle with a variety of scents to choose from.

Snowed In Gift Set

Kit includes: Oven mitt and kitchen utensils

Oven Mitt & Utensils Set

Set includes: a pair of 15 oz. double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel Basecamp® Zion Mugs

Basecamp Zion Mugs

Kit includes: Knife Set, Bamboo Cutting Board, Aerator, Cork Opener, Glass Bottle, & 2 Tumblers

Wine Down Set

Kits include: vanilla cake mix, holiday themed sprinkles, peppermint frosting, candy cane, baking case, measuring spoon, & mixing spoon

Holiday InstaCake


Shipping Mid-November

Deluxe Kit: Radiator Pasta, Tomato Sauce, Italian Herb Garlic Blend, EV Olive Oil, Focaccia Mix, Bamboo Spoon, & Oven Mitt

Dinner in a Box

Deluxe Kit Contains: Buttermilk Biscuit Mix, Raspberry Chia Smash Jam, Bloody Mary Mix, Honey Straws, Bamboo Cutting Board

Wake & Bake

Kit Contains: CraftMix Duo & Coaster Set

Happy Hour





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