The National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC) conference is an essential event for assisted living operators, offering a unique opportunity to network, gain industry insights, and showcase their services. As operators gear up for this significant event, leveraging swag and promotional products can play a pivotal role in making a lasting impression and maximizing their conference experience. In this blog post, we’ll explore 7 strategic ways of using swag and promotional products at the conference.

Aligning Swag with Conference Themes

Before selecting promotional products, it’s important to align the swag with the conference themes and focus areas. Consider the key topics and discussions that will be highlighted during the event. For instance, if the conference emphasizes the importance of technology in senior care, offering tech-related items like branded power banks or phone accessories can showcase the operator’s commitment to innovation.

Branding for Recognition

Promotional products should prominently feature the operator’s logo and branding elements. This branding reinforces the operator’s identity and increases recognition among conference attendees. Opt for high-quality and eye-catching items such as custom-designed tote bags, lanyards, or apparel, ensuring the logo is clearly visible to leave a lasting impression.

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Offering Practical and Useful Items

Practicality and usefulness are key factors when selecting promotional products. Attendees appreciate items they can use in their daily lives. Consider offering items like reusable water bottles, notebooks, or hand sanitizers – all of which are not only practical but also promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Showcasing Innovation

Assisted living operators can use swag to showcase their commitment to innovation and progressive care solutions. Offering tech-related promotional products, such as branded smartwatches or wireless chargers, underscores the operator’s readiness to embrace technology and adapt to evolving industry trends.

Networking Essentials

Promotional products can serve as essential networking tools. For instance, providing business card holders or custom-designed notepads can help attendees stay organized during meetings and exchanges of contact information.

Donating for a Cause

Incorporate a philanthropic aspect into the swag strategy by donating a portion of the proceeds from swag sales to a charitable cause aligned with the operator’s values. This approach not only gives back to the community but also resonates with conference attendees who value social responsibility.

Post-Conference Follow-Up

Swag and promotional products can extend their impact beyond the conference itself. Consider including personalized thank-you notes or QR codes on swag items, leading attendees to follow-up resources and information about the operator’s services. This thoughtful gesture reinforces connections made at the conference and enhances the likelihood of continued engagement.