Branded Solutions for Assisted Living

Create a welcoming environment for your staff and clients with high-quality branded apparel, accessories, personalized welcome gifts, and more

Help your clients start their new life in style at your retirement community

Your residents and their families come to you to start a new, better chapter of their lives. We can help equip you with the best products ranging from staff apparel to everyday essentials or from welcome gifts to custom event swag. Blue Sky has it all and is your one-stop shop for anything you need to make your assisted living community a desirable destination.

Apparel and accessories for the staff

Your staff members represent your brand every minute of the day while working with your clients and their families or performing other duties. Making their daily work comfortable and maintaining a cohesive look is easy with our Assisted Living Worker essentials kit:

  • Badges and lanyards
  • Apparel and headwear
  • Bags
  • Notebooks and pens
assisted living staff
Assisted living elderly care

Build customer relationships and get more referrals

Let your clients and their families know how much you care by enhancing the welcoming atmosphere with personalized everyday items and welcome kits.

  • Welcome gift baskets.
  • Personalized greeting cards.
  • Socks, robes, pajamas, slippers, and other cozy gifts to improve your clients’ stay.
  • Family thank-you gifts for trusting you to care for their loved ones are linked to an increased number of referral business.

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Prepare for the conferences and events

Planning and getting everything ready for a conference is a time-consuming process. Blue Sky is your one-stop-shop for everything you need for the conference:

  • Signage
  • Pop-up booths
  • Branded table cloths
  • Giveaways and printed materials
  • Swag and apparel for the booth staff
  • Storage in between the events and delivery to/pick-up from the event site

Download Annual Senior Holidays, Celebrations, Awareness Events, and Conferences Planner

Annual Senior Holidays, Celebrations, Awareness Events, and Conferences

Create a seamless workflow with automated gifting

With the constant turnover of clients and expansion of your business, managing swag and gifts for every occasion can feel like a huge chore. We have created an online solution that can help you streamline the onboarding of new staff members, welcoming new clients, and sending gifts to their families.

Blue Sky online gifting platform is the best swag management tool for all your needs.

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