Gifting Platform

Give people a choice — from email to home, we simply deliver directly to the address.

Give people a choice.
Gifting platforms are here.

Take the stress out of ordering and distributing company branded swag. No more guessing sizes, style preferences, or what employees even want. 

What programs are best for this service?

How it Works

Building custom gifting platforms is what sets Blue Sky apart. We have helped hundreds and hundreds of our clients solve the pain points of swag ordering and distribution.

Product Selection

Our team has decades of experience in helping our clients find the right products to match any need and any budget. Our team will help select the best products - from apparel and drinkware, to notebooks and tech gadgets - all with your company logo included.

We know what your employees will want and the products to avoid. We will recommend the best options across multiple price-points, ensuring there is something for everyone!

Online Store Development

Our team will build a customized online store for all of the products that have been selected. We will offer a variety of sizes, colors, and materials where applicable.

This gifting platform site requires no credit card for purchase, as one-time-use codes will be generated for purchasing.

Invite Your Teams or Clients

Hire a new employee and want to send them some company swag before their first day? Want to say "thanks" for a job well done? Finish a company re-brand and want to show off the new logo?

For any of these events, and so many more, a custom redemption code can be directly emailed to the recipient to select the products (and fit!) they want. No more guessing sizes!

Boxes delivered to front door

Shipping Right To Their Door

Whether your employees are remote, or you want to avoid large boxes and time-consuming distribution in your office, we ship the selected products directly to the recipient. Each shipment is perfectly packaged in a logo-branded box.

Blue Sky also creates a dashboard to monitor the use of redemption codes, track inventory levels, and highlight the most popular products that have been selected.

Over 25 Years of Experience

The Blue Sky Team has decades of experience hand-curating the best products to meet any budget. We do the heavy lifting to make your teams shine!

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