Online Gifting Platform

The online gifting platform is an easy solution for corporate gifting, employee onboarding, redemption sites, loyalty programs, and online company stores!

Looking for an easier way to manage swag and corporate gifts?

The online gifting platform by Blue Sky Marketing is a virtual solution that allows you to manage and distribute your corporate gifts, branded materials, and marketing assets. Your team can forget about the burden of storage, shipping, backorders, and fulfillment because Blue Sky is taking care of all the heavy lifting for you!

The Power of Gifting Platform​

Create branded welcome kits for the new team members. Send a link to the employees, where they can choose their size and pre-approved customizations, and add their shipping address with items arriving before their start date.

A.k.a. swag management, a platform that allows you to manage an inventory of your branded materials, apparel, corporate gifts, etc.

Enable your sales teams to easily send thank-you tokens and branded gifts to their clients from a pool of company-approved products

Perfect for running your loyalty programs! Your recipients can choose from pre-set items and add their own shipping information.

Create branded gifts for your employees’ work anniversaries, life events and recognition that are ready to ship by a click of a button.

For companies with multiple autonomous locations and remote teams, gifting platform can serve as a virtual hub for all their branded materials available for the staff in every location. No inconsistent quality, no wrong logos. Everything is managed in one platform and with one provider.

Send follow-up gifts to you prospects while walking out the door or swag to your webinar attendees after the event.
Custom-built solutions for seasonal gifting, selling branded merch to your fans or enabling your agents and associates with a selection of gifts for their clients.

Everyone benefits from a gifting platform

Human Resources/ Talent Acquisition and Retention

Branded apparel, accessories, and gifts are essential when welcoming new team members, organizing a company outing, or recognizing milestones among the team. An online gifting platform is your best tool to manage and deliver company swag to your most important asset, your talented team members.

  • Alleviate the stress of last-minute visitors or projects. 
  • Easily and securely request sensitive information, like home address or apparel size. 
  • Make Kitting Fun with lots of options.

Marketing Team / Brand Development

Marketing teams love the online gifting platform because it gives them more time for strategic and creative work and less time ordering promo items and managing logistics.

  • Ensure consistent branding across all locations
  • Manage marketing and tradeshow assets and swag inventory in one place with one provider
  • Make it easy to get your brand onto hot products and into their hands.

Sales Team

Help your sales team stay front of mind with your top clients and prospects by automating corporate gifting at any stage of your sales process:

  • Forget-me-not gifts after a meeting with your new prospects
  • Thank you offering after closing a new client
  • Birthday presents to your existing customers
  • Appreciation gifts/donations for a new referral/connection
  • Reward repeat customers with a customer loyalty program

And more!

sales team

Workplace Culture

Employee and customer appreciation are integral parts of your brand and your company’s culture. Corporate gifts and branded swag are tangible proof of your appreciation and carry that message with them long after being received. Building this into your culture ensures that your team and clients become your champions and advocates. 

Read more about corporate culture in this blog post

Dozens of our clients endorse online gifting platform fro their employee recognition and customer engagement programs

How does online gifting platform work?

Product Selection

We provide customer care and professional assistance guiding you to the right item for your company's needs:
- Access to luxury, high-end retail brands as well as value brands to fit your budget
- Expertise in trending products in every category, from apparel to tech gadgets
- Guidance in building kits for different occasions
- We can brand your logo on hundreds of thousands of different products
- Gifting notes, printed materials, and other add-ons

Online Store Development

Our team will build a customized online store for all of the products that have been selected. We can offer a variety of sizes, colors, and materials to make sure your recipients have exactly what they want.

This gifting platform site requires no credit card for purchase. Generally, a one-time-use code is generated and emailed to the recipient automatically with easy-to-follow instructions. Full reporting is available on who has used their code, when, and what was selected.​

Invite Your Teams or Clients

Hired a new employee and want to send them some company swag before their first day?
Want to say "thanks" for a job well done?
Finish a company re-brand and want to show off the new logo?

For any of these events, and so many more, a custom redemption code can be directly emailed to the recipient to select products, colors, and fit that works for them from your predefined offerings.

Boxes delivered to front door

Ship It Right To Their Door

We offer easy solutions for remote employees . We ship directly to the recipient’s selected address.

If you really want to wow the recipient, each shipment can be customized and perfectly packaged in a logo-branded box, crinkle paper, and a personalized message. Blue Sky allows you to monitor the use of redemption codes, track inventory levels, and highlight the most popular products that have been selected.

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