Welcome Kit Ideas for New Employees

Why Are Welcome Kits Important?

Employee welcome kits, also referred to as onboarding kits, are designed to make new hires feel like a part of the team and can help get acclimated into an organization. With so many people still working remotely, this is even more important as employees may never be in the office with their fellow teammates. Research has shown that properly onboarded employees have a higher likelihood of staying with their jobs.

One of the many benefits on an employee welcome kit is that it reinforces your company culture. Your company culture can be defined as the way people feel about the work they do, where they see the coming going and how to get there, the overall vision, systems, symbols, language, habits, and the values the company believes in. These traits represent the personality of the company.

Creating a new hire kit that will make your new team members feel welcome is an essential part of the onboarding process. This is a chance to let your new employees know how excited you are to have them join your company. Onboarding kits are also a good marketing tool as they are built to boost your brand and spark employee pride, engagement, and advocacy.

What Should Be In A New Hire Welcome Kit?

Before a new employee sets foot through the door, whether in person or virtually, they will likely have already received a fair amount of paperwork from HR; i.e. contracts, company information, employee handbook, policies and procedures, and an employee badge. The onboarding kit, however, is your chance to make a great first impression with some awesome company swag!

Giving your employee new gear to represent your company will help turn them into an ambassador of your brand. The products you choose should inspire loyalty, be unique to your company and culture, and show them how important they are to your company. You have a lot of choices when it comes to putting together an amazing kit and Blue Sky Marketing is here to make onboarding easy while making you shine!

Let’s consider some popular items to put in your new hire kit.


Kit #1: The Ultimate Branded Company Swag

1. Logan Zippered Tote

8. Star Stress Reliever

Kit #2: Tech Essentials

Kit #3: Office Essentials


Kit #4: Company Spirit

Head to our New Hire/Onboarding site to shop all of the products found in this post. We would love to schedule a demo and create a virtual catalog for you so you can see how your logo will look on these products. Contact us at sales@buybluesky.com.
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