sustainable gifts

As Millennials and Gen Z enter the workforce and become consumers, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that one of their biggest values is environmental and social consciousness. They want to know that what they do contributes to the community and helps people and the planet. It is true both for your team and your clients’ teams. Many companies are changing their policies and shifting their marketing communications to incorporate messages about equality, diversity, eco-consciousness, minority support, and support for people with different abilities and various backgrounds.

But it is not enough to just say those things. Here are some ways to make a difference that you can implement right now:

  • Review your policies and make sure that your vendors and partners are the fair-trade, equal opportunities companies
  • Invite more minority-owned and women-owned companies and small businesses as partners
  • Make sure that consumer products and marketing products you purchase are low-waste, environmentally friendly, and come from ethical sources. 

We can definitely help you with the latter with our conscious choice portfolio of vendors!

It is important for us as a company to make our contribution to the greater good and also give you a choice to products that don’t compromise your values. We constantly look for and bring on board small local businesses, independent experience providers, eco-conscious manufacturers and charitable organizations.

Experience gifting

Our experience gifting program is a partnership with creative entrepreneurs (most of them happen to be women) from all over the country that provide fun and engaging activities to groups and individuals online and on-site giving them access to the opportunities they may have missed otherwise. We also help them enhance the experience with branded or personalized accessories necessary for the activity.

Eco-friendly and sustainable gifts

We work with select vendors that use sustainable practices and eco-friendly and recycled materials in their production.

Giving back to the community

We work with charities like Habitat For Humanity, Charity: Water, and Pollinator Partnership to make sure that every dollar you spend with us contributes to a good cause. 

These are just a few examples of how we can help you make a conscious choice with your marketing. We keep working on expanding our portfolio to create more opportunities for sustainable vendors and give you more options to do more good.