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Building strong relationships with high school and community college counselors is crucial for colleges and universities. These dedicated professionals play a pivotal role in guiding students’ academic journeys and college choices. One effective strategy for colleges to foster these relationships is through the use of promotional items. In this blog post, we will explore how colleges can utilize promotional items to engage high school and community college counselors, influencing students’ choices of where to pursue their higher education.

1. Customized Appreciation Gifts

High school and community college counselors often have a significant impact on their students’ lives. Show your appreciation for their dedication by gifting them customized appreciation items, such as personalized mugs, notebooks, or desk accessories branded with your institution’s logo. These thoughtful gifts serve as a constant reminder of your institution and your commitment to the counseling community.

2. Promote Campus Visits

Invite high school and community college counselors to visit your campus. Provide them with campus maps, guided by branded lanyards or keychains, to help them navigate and explore your facilities. Make sure their visit is both informative and memorable, as this personal experience can greatly influence their recommendations to students.

3. Offer Valuable Resources

Create informative brochures, guides, and handouts about your institution, including details about majors, financial aid options, and campus life. Bundle these materials with promotional items like USB drives, which can contain additional resources such as virtual tours, scholarship information, and application instructions.

4. Organize Counselor Workshops

Host workshops or seminars specifically designed for high school and community college counselors. Cover topics like admissions processes, scholarship opportunities, and career guidance. Provide attendees with branded notepads and pens for note-taking during these events.

5. Networking Events

Facilitate networking events where counselors can interact with your institution’s faculty, staff, and current students. These events provide valuable insights into the college experience and help counselors better understand what your institution has to offer. Consider offering promotional items as giveaways to make the event more memorable.

6. Engage on Social Media

Maintain an active presence on social media platforms. Share engaging and informative content about your institution, admissions, and student success stories. Encourage counselors to follow and interact with your social media accounts. Host online contests or challenges with promotional items as prizes to boost engagement.

7. Sponsor Scholarships

Offer scholarships exclusively for students from high schools or community colleges that have strong partnerships with your institution. Promote these scholarships through counseling offices, and consider providing counselors with branded materials to help spread the word effectively.

8. Attend College Fairs and Conferences

Participate in college fairs and counselor conferences where you can connect with counselors directly. Set up a booth with promotional materials and engage in meaningful conversations about your institution’s programs, opportunities, and culture.

9. Send Personalized Notes

Send personalized thank-you notes and seasonal greetings to high school and community college counselors. Include a small branded gift, such as a custom pen or stress ball, to make your message stand out and show your continued appreciation.

10. Stay Informed

Keep counselors informed about updates, changes, and events at your institution. Consider sending out a monthly or quarterly newsletter with relevant information and insights. Include a branded calendar or planner to help them stay organized and informed.

11. Measure the Impact

To gauge the effectiveness of your promotional efforts, track engagement levels, feedback, and the number of students referred from partnering counselors. Use this data to refine your strategies and tailor your promotional items to better meet the needs and preferences of your counselor partners.


In conclusion, building strong connections with high school and community college counselors is a long-term investment that can significantly influence students’ college choices. By utilizing promotional items thoughtfully and strategically, colleges can engage these valuable professionals and ensure that their institutions remain top-of-mind when counselors guide their students through the college selection process. These relationships not only benefit the colleges but also help counselors provide the best possible guidance to the students they serve. So, colleges, embrace the power of promotional items and strengthen your partnerships with high school and community college counselors to make a lasting impact on students’ college decisions.