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Parental engagement plays a vital role in a student’s academic journey, from the college application process to ongoing support during their higher education experience. Colleges and universities can leverage this engagement to boost student admission and retention rates. In this blog post, we’ll explore the significance of parent engagement, its impact on student success, and how colleges can use promotional items to foster stronger connections with parents.

The Power of Parental Engagement

Influencing the Decision-Making Process: Parents often play a significant role in helping their children choose a college or university. They provide guidance, financial support, and emotional reassurance. By engaging with parents effectively, colleges can influence the decision-making process positively.

Supporting Student Success: Parental involvement doesn’t end with admission; it’s an ongoing partnership. Engaged parents can provide essential support, both emotionally and financially, throughout a student’s college journey. This support can be crucial for retention and overall student success.

Creating Brand Advocates: Engaged parents can become powerful advocates for your institution. They can refer prospective students, attend alumni events, and contribute to fundraising efforts, all of which benefit the college community.

Parent Engagement Strategies

Promotional items can serve as effective tools to initiate and strengthen the relationship between colleges and parents. Here’s how:

Welcome Packages: Send personalized welcome packages to parents of admitted students. These packages can include a heartfelt welcome letter, essential information about the college, and branded promotional items such as keychains, mugs, and calendars. These items serve as tangible tokens of the college’s commitment to their child’s education.

Parent Orientations: Host parent orientation sessions either in person or virtually. Provide parents with custom-branded folders or tote bags filled with informative materials, including event schedules, contact information, and college brochures.

Family Events: Organize family-oriented events on campus or online. Offer branded items like picnic blankets, umbrellas, or frisbees to enhance the experience and promote a sense of community among parents.

Webinars and Workshops: Host webinars or workshops on topics such as financial aid, career planning, and academic advising. Encourage participation by offering branded notebooks, pens, or flash drives for attendees.

Engagement on Social Media: Actively engage with parents on social media platforms by sharing updates, success stories, and important information. Run contests or challenges with branded promotional items as prizes to boost interaction.

Parent Ambassador Programs: Establish a parent ambassador program where engaged parents can volunteer to represent the college at admissions events, fairs, and even during campus tours. Recognize their efforts with exclusive promotional items like custom badges, shirts, or plaques.

Parent Newsletters: Send regular newsletters to parents with updates on campus news, academic achievements, and upcoming events. Include a branded calendar or planner to help them stay informed and organized.

The Impact on Admission and Retention

Influence on Admission: Engaged parents can positively influence their children’s college choices. When parents feel confident in the institution and its support system, they are more likely to encourage their child to enroll.

Financial Support: Promotional items can serve as a reminder of the college and its importance. This, in turn, may encourage parents to continue providing financial support, reducing the risk of financial stressors affecting student retention.

Building a Support Network: By connecting parents with each other through engagement activities and events, colleges help create a support network that can be particularly beneficial for first-generation college students and their families.

Enhancing Alumni Relations: Engaged parents can become active members of the college community, supporting alumni events and initiatives. Their continued involvement can boost alumni engagement, which can, in turn, have a positive impact on the institution’s reputation and future recruitment efforts.

Measuring Success

To gauge the effectiveness of parent engagement efforts, colleges can track metrics such as parent attendance at events, participation in online activities, and feedback from parents. Additionally, assessing admission and retention rates for students with actively engaged parents can provide valuable insights into the impact of these initiatives.


In conclusion, parent engagement is a critical factor in student admission and retention. By leveraging promotional items strategically, colleges and universities can foster stronger connections with parents, ultimately benefiting both students and the institution. These initiatives not only enhance the college experience for students but also create a network of advocates who can contribute to the institution’s growth and success. So, colleges, embrace the power of promotional items in your parent engagement strategies and watch your admission and retention rates thrive.