Jack Link's Monopoly

A well-known brand, Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, was preparing to celebrate their 25th anniversary and wanted to commemorate their years of success by doing something innovative and memorable for their employees.


Jack Link’s 25th anniversary was coming up and they wanted to do something memorable to commemorate their years of success. A fun and innovative way to celebrate the anniversary was to create a Jack Link’s themed monopoly board game. Having the opportunity to create a limited edition, and incredibly unique, item for our client’s anniversary was an exciting project to be a part of.


Our team came together over many (weeks/months) to find a project suitable for commemorating a 25th anniversary. We eventually landed on an idea that many companies consider, but never follow through with. Creating a Monopoly-style board game that revolves around your brand. As Jack Link’s plays off the Sasquatch myth to name their meat sticks products, we took their idea and ran with it.


The game was a hit!

Creating a limited edition board game was definitely an out-of-the-box idea that worked out better than we could’ve imagined. Our client was happy to announce their very own Monopoly game to celebrate their 25th anniversary. They gave their employees a one-of-a-kind spin on a board game classic, created buzz around their anniversary, and brought their Jack Link’s products into the spotlight.

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