An Australian-based brand from Bells Beach and Fitzroy, which began around a kitchen table in 2010.

A certified B Corp – using business for good, making products that last and having a positive impact on the planet.

Bellroy fabric products

Instead of using up finite resources to make its bags and pouches, Bellroy is using fabric made from 100% recycled materials. Giving used plastic bottles and nylon offcuts a second life, and cleaning up waste that’s already in the system.

So far Bellroy has upcycled:

  • 60,000 KG of nylon
  • 10.5 million plastic bottles

Bellroy leather products

In 2015, Bellroy made the decision to source leather exclusively from tanneries that have earned the highest possible rating from the Leather Working Group. The LWG is a not-for-profit organization responsible for the world’s leading environmental certification in the leather industry. It represents 1300 members, covering everything from cattle farms to tanneries to retail brands. Sourcing gold-rated leather means that our supplier tanneries are regularly audited and are achieving or exceeding strict standards regarding water usage, effluent, electricity, pollution, labor, working conditions, and other criteria.

Bellroy’s commitment to animals:

  • Working hard to improve traceability in the leather industry, for better treatment of the animals
  • Supporting the development of more compassionate farming practices for all farmed animals
  • Actively pursuing a future version of leather with less dependence on livestock (and no harm to the planet)

Belllroy’s commitment to the planet:

  • Making products that are used and loved for as long as possible
  • Addressing current challenges that pose a threat to the environment
  • Supporting the advancement of technologies that contribute to our vision of a vibrant future