Every Smart Writing Set and notebook from the Art Collection helps unlock the creative potential of young people around the world. Every sale will help fund access to quality educational experiences and creative spaces for marginalized youth, providing unique programs that will encourage them to believe in the potential of their ideas to generate positive change for themselves, their communities, and our collective future.

Forests are a precious part of our planet and our lives. This is why Moleskine is fully committed to their responsible management by nurturing, restoring and protecting forests, their ecosystem and communities: Moleskine has been FSC™ certified since 2008 to support the mission of the Forest Stewardship Council™

In accordance with Moleskine’s circular economy strategy, unsellable items are recycled or repurposed. They are repurposed into creative tools donated to charitable organizations or recycled into new materials. In 2022, Moleskine donated about 30k products and recycled about 70 tons.