Introducing our Rest & Relaxation Assisted Living Welcome Kit, thoughtfully assembled to provide comfort, relaxation, and entertainment for your residents. Each item has been carefully selected to enhance their well-being and ensure a warm and inviting experience within your Assisted Living facility.

Kit Includes:

  1. Star Shape Massager: Ease tension and promote relaxation with our star-shaped massager. Its ergonomic design allows for targeted relief and soothing massage, providing a sense of comfort and tranquility.
  2. Small Round Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack: Perfect for soothing aching muscles or providing gentle warmth, this compact hot/cold pack offers versatile relief. Its gel beads conform to the body, delivering therapeutic comfort when needed.
  3. Ear Plugs and Eye Mask Set: Create a peaceful oasis with our ear plugs and eye mask set. Block out unwanted noise and light, allowing your residents to relax, unwind, and enjoy uninterrupted restful sleep.
  4. Travel Neck Pillow: Whether for a nap or a long journey, our travel neck pillow provides ergonomic support and comfort. The plush material gently cradles the neck, promoting relaxation and reducing strain during travel or relaxation sessions.
  5. Rubberized Lip Moisturizer Ball: Keep lips hydrated and smooth with our handy lip moisturizer ball. Its rubberized texture glides effortlessly, providing nourishment and protection against dryness, ensuring soft and supple lips.
  6. The Art Of Relaxing Adult Coloring Book: Encourage creativity and tranquility with our adult coloring book. Filled with intricate designs and patterns, it offers a therapeutic escape and an opportunity for self-expression.
  7. Blackwood 12-Piece Colored Pencil Set in Tube with Sharpener: Unlock their artistic potential with our colored pencil set. The vibrant colors and smooth application inspire creativity and offer a calming outlet for self-reflection and enjoyment.
  8. Escape Jute Tote Bag: Our eco-friendly jute tote bag provides a stylish and practical way for residents to carry their welcome kit items or personal belongings. Its spacious design and sturdy construction make it a versatile accessory for daily use.

This Assisted Living Welcome Kit is a testament to our commitment to your residents’ well-being and comfort. From relaxation to creative expression, each item has been chosen to enhance their experience and promote a sense of tranquility and belonging within your facility. Provide them with this thoughtfully curated kit and make their transition into your care a truly welcoming one.