Introducing Therabody’s latest innovation in smart wearable technology: Therabody Smart Goggles, the ultimate branded swag and employee gift for those seeking enhanced relaxation, focus, and stress relief. These cutting-edge goggles are equipped with SmartSense Technology™, harnessing the power to reduce stress and anxiety with SmartRelax mode, which physically lowers your heart rate.

Crafted for versatility, these goggles offer multiple modalities including vibration, massage, and heat therapy. With three customizable modes—Focus, SmartRelax, and Sleep—users can tailor their experience to suit their needs anytime, anywhere. The sleek, portable design ensures relaxation on-the-go, while the Bluetooth connectivity enables access to TheraMind—a multisensory sound therapy experience available exclusively through the Therabody app, enhancing the SmartGoggles routine.


Featuring a 150-minute battery life, these goggles are perfect for extended use. Through a combination of eye and temple massage, heat, and vibration, SmartGoggles alleviate stress, eye strain, and headaches, promoting relaxation and preparing users for a restful night’s sleep. Utilizing an exclusive biometric sensor, SmartRelax mode delivers personalized treatments aimed at reducing heart rate and inducing relaxation.

Backed by scientific research, SmartGoggles have been proven to improve sleep quality, increase deep sleep duration, enhance relaxation, and reduce stress when incorporated into a bedtime routine. As demonstrated by a 6-week study conducted by SleepScore Labs with 20 subjects, nightly use of the device yielded significant improvements.

Incorporate Therabody Smart Goggles into your daily routine and experience the transformative power of advanced relaxation technology, making it the ultimate choice for branded swag and employee wellness gifts.