Branded Solutions for Law Firms

Put your logo on high-end retail brand products to make your law firm really stand out!


Elevate your law firm's reputation!

As lawyers, you know that every detail may affect the impression you make. This is true not only to how you look, speak, and carry yourself but also to what brands you wear and what gifts you give. We have been working with national law firms and legal associations for over 20 years and we know that careful attention to every detail can help your reputation grow.

High-quality conference essentials

From branded tablecloths to high-quality pens and leather notebooks, we have everything to make your law firm look professional and stylish!

  • Leather portfolios
  • Top-brands computer bags
  • Lux notebooks and pens
  • Giveaways and printed materials
  • Swag and apparel for the staff
  • Badge holders
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travis matthew

Apparel from luxury retail brands

Looking sharp on every occasion is an unspoken standard in the legal world. Who said you can’t put your logo on Peter Millar or TravisMatthew polo or Nike hat?

  • Polo shirts and other casualwear
  • Sweaters and jackets 
  • Golf outfit
  • Sportswear and hats
  • Luxury travel apparel
  • Dress socks

High-end travelware and accessories

Traveling with comfort and class can make a difference in the outcome of your business trip. 

  • Top retail brands’ luggage and carry-on 
  • High-quality travel daypacks
  • Umbrellas
  • Computer bags
  • Handy tech gadgets
  • Drinkware
  • Neck pillows
luxury corporate gift

Classy corporate gifts

From the ‘thank you for the meeting’ to celebrating a closed case, gifts are helping you build stronger relationships with clients. Especially the ones that are unique and thoughtful.

  • Custom gift boxes
  • Experiences
  • High-end products
  • Personalized gadgets
  • Edible gifts

Create a seamless workflow with automated gifting

With the constant turnover of clients and expansion of your business, managing swag and gifts for every occasion can feel like a huge chore. We have created an online solution that can help you streamline the onboarding of new staff members, welcoming new clients, and sending gifts to their families.

Blue Sky online gifting platform is the best swag management tool for all your needs.

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