attract new students

Colleges and universities are continually searching for innovative ways to attract new students and stand out among the multitude of options available. One effective and often underestimated strategy is the use of promotional items. These tangible and memorable items not only create brand recognition but also help colleges build connections with prospective students. In this blog post, we will explore how colleges can harness the power of promotional items to successfully recruit new students.

1. Create a Lasting Impression

Prospective students are bombarded with information from multiple sources. To stand out, colleges can provide promotional items that create a lasting impression. Items like custom-branded t-shirts, pens, and water bottles not only serve as reminders of the college but also become conversation starters. When students wear or use these items in their daily lives, they become unofficial ambassadors for your institution.

2. Foster a Sense of Belonging

Customized promotional items, such as welcome kits, can help new students feel a sense of belonging before they even step on campus. Include essential information about the college along with branded merchandise like tote bags, lanyards, and notebooks. These items help students connect with the institution and feel like part of the community from the very beginning.

3. Engage on Campus Visits

Campus visits play a crucial role in a student’s decision-making process. Colleges can enhance these visits by offering prospective students well-designed and meaningful promotional items. For example, providing visitors with custom campus maps, guided by a branded lanyard or keychain, helps them navigate the campus and remember the experience long after they leave.

4. Boost Social Media Engagement

In the age of social media, word-of-mouth recommendations and online engagement are powerful tools for recruitment. Encourage students to share their excitement about your college by organizing contests or giveaways featuring promotional items as prizes. The more students engage with your college on social media, the wider your reach to potential recruits.

5. Strengthen Relationships with High Schools

Colleges can collaborate with high schools to distribute promotional items during college fairs, career days, and other events. Custom flyers, banners, or promotional products can help students and parents learn more about the institution and foster a positive impression.

6. Showcase College Culture

Promotional items can also be used to showcase the unique culture and spirit of the college. Branded apparel, including hoodies, hats, and scarves, can make students feel like part of a larger community. Additionally, items like custom mugs and posters can feature quotes, images, or icons that represent the college’s values and atmosphere.

7. Encourage Campus Tours

Make campus tours an unforgettable experience by providing prospective students with promotional items. Offer visitors a complimentary tote bag filled with brochures, pens, and other branded items to make their tour memorable and informative.

8. Support Virtual Engagement

In today’s digital age, virtual engagement is essential. Colleges can send promotional items directly to the homes of prospective students who attend virtual information sessions or webinars. Items like branded USB drives preloaded with important information can be both practical and memorable.

9. Highlight Scholarships and Financial Aid

Financial concerns are a significant factor in college decisions. Colleges can use promotional items, such as customized calculators or planners, to help prospective students and their families navigate the financial aid process and make informed decisions about scholarships and funding.

10. Track and Measure Impact

To ensure that promotional items are effectively contributing to recruitment efforts, colleges should implement tracking and measurement tools. By analyzing the response rates, social media engagement, and overall interest generated through promotional items, institutions can fine-tune their strategies and improve their recruiting tactics.


In conclusion, promotional items are a powerful and versatile tool in the college recruitment toolbox. By providing prospective students with tangible reminders of their institution, colleges can foster connections, create a sense of belonging, and stand out in a crowded field of choices. Whether it’s through campus visits, social media engagement, or virtual outreach, promotional items play a vital role in attracting and retaining new students. So, colleges, don’t underestimate the impact of that branded pen or custom t-shirt—embrace the power of promotional items and watch your recruitment efforts flourish.