Industries such as healthcare, emergency services, food processing/services, delivery drivers, law enforcement, postal workers, sanitation and more have been classified as essential workers, unable to stay home while the rest of the country practices social distancing. These people on the frontline deserve our gratitude for their selfless contributions, so we’ve updated our product lines accordingly.
Sweet Treats
Everybody has to eat. Of course, frontline workers don’t always have time to cook or run out for a bite. Sending food as a token of appreciation is a major trend right now, according to suppliers.
We have gotten quite a few requests for “thank you” and “thinking of you” brownies since the coronavirus pandemic began. Clients are sending gifts to hospitals, first responders, nursing homes and any place that a caregiver might be going the extra mile. Now that offices are closed, companies are conducting virtual meetings with brownie treats for their breaks. Others are sending gifts of encouragement just to let their team know they’re thinking of them. Birthday programs are still going strong – people are sending them as gifts to friends and family they can’t celebrate with in person.
Several requests for “Thank you” and “thinking of you” brownies.
We have developed “hero recharge” kits, which include Jolly Ranchers, mini wafers, chocolate bars, roasted and salted almond bags, cinnamon fig bars, raisin nut trail mix and Starbursts. We also have a “healthcare heroes appreciation gifts.” Choices include a gift box or tin of candy and snacks, an assortment of fresh baked cookies, heart-shaped lollipops and a recovery kit filled with an Emergen-C packet, Nature’s Valley Granola Bar, Synder’s Mini Pretzels, Peppermint Lifesavers and a lollipop.
Recovery Kit
Snack-filled recovery kit to recharge the batteries of frontline workers.
Our partner, Maple Ridge Farms has dedicated a section of its website to work-from-home products, offering gift boxes of candy, chocolate, nuts, gourmet cheese and other snacks. The company is offering discounted pricing, free setup and free drop ships on most of the items. “Work-from-home gifts have been really popular,” says Traci Simonis, national sales executive at Maple Ridge Farms. “It’s a great way to be able to show frontline workers that we’re all thinking about them.”
Self-Care Items
With the hectic schedules, increased workload and ever-changing demands during the pandemic, frontline workers could use some time to unwind and take care of themselves for a change. Clients should seek self-care packages that focus on comfort, relaxation and stress relief. Lotions, lip balms, hot and cold packs, stress balls and other personal care products are sure to be valued.
Soap Tin
One of the hottest product is personal soap in a travel tin.
We have requests for a luxe spa line, which features bath salts, candles and the company’s biggest seller, personal soap in a travel tin. We also have an entire zen category that is apropos during this anxiety-ridden time. We are providing candles, essential oil, room spray, diffusers and other bath products to soothe the body and mind.
Family-Friendly Activities
Let’s not forget that frontline workers have families, too. Even though they’re on the job, their children are home from school, and boredom is surely setting in. Journals, puzzles and coloring books are some fun options to keep kids occupied. Adult coloring books are useful, too, as studies have shown a link between coloring and mindfulness.
“During bad economic times, coloring books always rise in sales,” says Wayne Bell, CEO of St. Louis, MO-based Really Big Coloring Books. “All the expensive electronic toys go out the window as families try to save money, and a lot of people turn to that family table time with kiddos and grandkids and coloring books.”
Coloring Book
Really Big Coloring Books has seen an increase in orders – for both adults and kids – during the coronavirus.
Trusty Equipment
People want made-in-USA and name brands right now. They want to reward everyone doing hard work, from hospital workers to truck drivers. 
Pocket Knife
Leatherman tools, like this multipurpose pocketknife, remain popular items.
We have creative decks – products curated for specific industries to help narrow down the perfect gift item. For example, the first responders deck includes an assortment of Maglite flashlights and Leatherman multipurpose pocketknives. 
Thank You
The simple act of saying thank you or sending a creative gift goes a long way. These people deserve our gratitude for their contributions. We are all in this together.
– Blue Sky’s Ahead