As Blue Sky Marketing has been a family-owned business for generations, having the opportunity to work on a generational classic like Pac-Man made this campaign all the more memorable.

What better way to keep the game alive than to create an entertainment zone inspired by Pac-Man? Level 257 was a thrilling project we couldn’t wait to be a part of. Namco USA was looking to create custom branded gear revolving around their popular video game, Pac-Man Fever. The game was a hit and caused millions to purchase products relating to the Pac-Man theme overall. Our goal was to recreate this excitement and generate awareness for Level 257’s opening.


The new entertainment zone, Level 257 was preparing for its opening and needed custom Pac-Man-themed products as a way to create buzz for their launch, as well as fill their gift shop.

Since Pac-Man has been such a hit for years there are already tons of items for sale covered with the Pac-Man theme. We needed to create custom gear that would stand out from the rest, excite the public about being a part of Namco’s product giveaway and create a successful buzz around Level 257’s grand opening.


As our team came together we already had a clear vision of what we wanted to do.

First was to play off the nostalgia video game lovers would feel upon seeing new, yet still classic, Pac-Man-themed gear. We used the game Pac-Man Fever as our inspiration to incorporate a little something extra into the already well-known Pac-Man video game’s theme.

Second, was to create unique giveaway swag anyone from Pac-Man enthusiasts to novice gamers would want to get their hands on. We customized products from clothing to notebooks to drinkware, in the mission of giving the public any Pac-Man Fever-themed products they could think of.


The public couldn’t get enough of the giveaway swag!

Seeing the Pac-Man Fever characters on exciting new gear gave the public a newfound interest in all things Pac-Man, which led to a great opening of Level 257. People love to get their hands on classic gear and it definitely showed by the number of purchases made in the entertainment zone’s gift shop. We couldn’t be happier to have had the opportunity to work with Namco and continue keeping love for the Pac-Man video game alive.

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