Taking a classic treat and making it our own, Dirty Cookie has revolutionized the cookie playing field and revamped the milk and cookie experience to make it more delicious, more enjoyable and more memorable for customers.  Dirty Cookie is the future of edible gifting.


Their cookies can be customized to match an organization’s colors and branding, making them a great personalized gift for any special occasion. Plus, their cookies are delicious, making them a treat that kids and adults will enjoy!


The Dirty Cookie is committed to impacting the lives of 10 million kids through its Shot for Education program. They partner with education-focused nonprofits that provide tools, resources, and access to education to those in need. Their partners range from STEM to reading and have a focus on supporting underserved communities.


A portion of every purchase is donated directly to one of their partnered non-profit organizations to give one student a shot at higher learning. Your cookie shot purchase not only puts a smile on your face, but it’s sure to put one on theirs.


Dirty Cookie was founded by Shahira Marei, an Egyptian American who was raised in Orange County, California.