Blue Sky Marketing was founded 23 years ago by President Elliott Zirlin and has since been a family-led business, with sons Todd Zirlin as CEO, Corey Zirlin as VP of Business Development, and Brady Zirlin as VP of Sales, with locations in Cardiff, CA, Carbondale IL, Denver Co, Tucson AZ, and Austin, TX. Blue Sky has a high-touch service and a relentless work ethic that stems from Elliott’s influence. 

They have also experienced multiple setbacks, including a challenge two years ago that disrupted the business but also caused the family, and the company, to rally together and work through it, culminating in their best year ever in 2019. 

Which is a great object lesson for us because this conversation was recorded in late January, before the challenge of the coronavirus and the subsequent economic fallout hit us all. Throughout the Blue Sky journey, resiliency has been the hallmark of their operation. It was my privilege to sit down with the Zirlin family and explore, what has not only held them together as a family but what has allowed them to rebound to success time and time again. 

Join us as we journey with the Zirlin’s through the rise, fall, and rise again building Blue Sky Marketing!