Gift Giving Made Easy

What do you do when you have 100 gifts to send and you don’t have addresses? How do you send company sweatshirts to all of your employees and don’t have their sizes? How do you purchase and package all of these gifts, prepare all the shipping labels, and get them sent out? We have the answer, you call Blue Sky Marketing.

Online Redemption Sites

For years we have heard our clients tell us that these are some of their pain points so we came up with the perfect solution. Our Online Redemption Site Platform takes all the work out of gift giving which is why our motto is, “Gift Giving Made Easy”. These single-page stores contain no payment, shipping, or sales tax. Your recipients simply enter a code to access and redeem their products.

Why You Need a Company Store

Here are some examples of how our clients are using their own custom branded company stores:

MailChimp Integration

Our Solution Specialists will show you how to send hundreds of unique codes to unique email addresses via MailChimp.

Getting Started with your Redemption Site

All we need from you to get started is your email list and we’ll take it from there!

Select Your Products

We will work with you to choose the best products to feature in your own custom branded company store.

Simple Redemption

When the shopper arrives at your storefront, they will be asked for the code before entering the store. Their custom code will automatically let them know which products they are allowed to see and choose. Once they make their selection, they will use the code as payment to redeem for the product. No payments, shipping, or sales tax will be collected. Everything is included with their redemption code.

Affordable Gift Giving

What happens if you ordered 100 redemption codes but only 75 were redemeed. You only pay for codes that were used. There are no charges for unused codes and we will waive the setup up through 2021. There are never any hidden costs or contracts and you can cancel anytime.

Warehousing and Fulfillment

Our full service solution means you do not need to stock an inventory. All of your chosen products will be shipped directly to the recipient. Need an insert card? We can do that. Want a red box and gold crinkle? We can do that too. Want to include your business card or flyer? No problem. How about a custom die cut sticker? That’s not a problem. Need to send them to 1000 people with 1000 different addresses? Bring it on! We can ship everything from 1 to 10,000. Whatever you need, we can do it.

Making You Shine

The response we have received over our redemption site is overwhelming! Our customers love them, our clients love them, and we love them! We are here to help make you shine and we just know you will love this service as much as we do.

Watch our YouTube Webinar about our Redemption Sites:

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