Your Hybrid Remote Office 

Our world is ever changing and the rules seem to change from one day to another. Little by little our daily routines seem to be inching towards our old normal and that means more people going back into the office. 

The hybrid working model is what many companies are moving towards. For some that means a couple days in the office, for others it might be stopping in from time to time or splitting the day between work and home. Whatever the workweek looks like, changes will need to be made to balance this new home and work life. 

Work Checklist

One big question many have is how to take home offices on the road to make them work in the office. Desktop computers may no longer work with new work arrangements which means taking a laptop or tablet back and forth. Easy enough right? Don’t forget to pack your cable. You’re going to need your phone charger too. Make sure you have a phone stand, cable organizer, notebook, earphones, and maybe a laptop video light for conference calls. There’s so much to think about! 

Don’t worry friend, we’ve got you covered. We created a checklist of all the things you need to make your new hybrid work schedule work for you. 

Right click the image below, save it to your desktop, and print.

What You Need to go Back and Forth From Home to Work 

We have been helping a lot of companies get their workforce ready for their new hybrid work plans. Our clients want to make the transition as easy as possible on their employees and we have come up with the best solutions. Our Back & Forth Kits are filled with supplies that can be easily transported back and forth from home to office while remaining safe and socially distanced.
Our two top sellers both include a laptop bag or backpack, cable organizer, wireless keyboard and mouse, charging pad, mousepad, journal, water bottle, lunch bag, and bento box with utensils.

Our kits are completely customizable and can be branded with your own company logo. Head over to our Hybrid Remote Work Office Shop for further information about each product. 

Shipped Directly to Your Employees

Worried how you’re going to get these in the hands of your employees? Our Redemption Stores solve all of your shipping needs. We will create a store for you, gather the shipping addresses, and get their kits delivered right to their door. You don’t need to worry about a thing! Sounds great, right? We think so too!

Your Logo on Work Kits

We would love to schedule a demo and create a virtual catalog for you so you can see how your logo will look on these products. Contact us at